EP Review: ‘Sons And Daughters’ by Allman Brown


‘Sons And Daughters’ by Allman Brown is rough around the edges, but manages to be a perfect three-track acoustic EP. The simpleness of the tracks make it quite enjoyable to listen to. Although, both “Hold On” and “Stone” are very similar when it comes to style wise, “Sons And Daughters” takes the prize for best track on the EP for me. After showing us that he can produce a song that is crisp and clear, he shows us his raw side.

“Sons And Daughters” starts off the EP with beautiful harmonies and the appearance of Liz Lawrence, who’s voice captures the peaceful essence that Allman Brown is trying to encompass throughout the record. These two talented artists’ voices mesh together in the most quintessential way possible. This track is the only one on the record that seems to be lacking the rawness of the other two tracks, but its invigorating sound is what, personally, makes it the best one.

“Hold On” is raw, soothing, and simple. After listening to it a couple times, I started to really enjoy it. Emotion drips from every heartfelt lyric that is sung by Allman Brown, which makes you admire the song even more. The rawness has a tranquil effect and puts an image in your head of Brown having a jam session.

“Stone” is equal in simpleness and rawness. At times you are left wondering if this in fact is a live performance. The quiet, whispery vocals of Brown leave you with a feeling of longing. About halfway through the song, the instruments kick in and Brown is belting out the lyrics with so much emotion that you are left with chills.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

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