Photoset: Night Riots / 2013

As Colleen and I headed directly towards the storm clouds or as Travis of Night Riots calls them “dragon clouds”, I was slowly preparing myself to interview one of my favorite bands, Night Riots. Once we arrived at Martini Ranch we were greeted by our favorite production manager, Robert. After waiting in the green room for a couple of minutes we were joined by Travis (vocals) and Nick (guitar), who I was to interview. By the end of the interview, the rest of the band and their photographer on tour, Richard Fusillo, had joined us. We talked for a bit until Colleen and I decided to drive to McDonald’s then come back. By the time we came back, the show had already begun. We saw two bands perform, then it was what we had been waiting for, Night Riots’ performance. Their set was great and I managed to snap a couple of photos and shoot a couple of videos as they performed. A few photos from that night can be found below, along with a video containing random clips from their set. Check out my personal Flickr for more photos.





Night Riots:

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