EP Review: ‘Colour My Heart’ Charlotte OC

Charlotte O'Conner

You know the saying “Quality over Quantity”? Well, I finally understand why this quote is a wise one, with, 22 year old, Charlotte OC’s ‘Colour My Heart’ EP, recorded and produced in LA, as a perfect example.

The short length of the EP is no match to the feeling of a whole album after you listen to it. Every measure of every song keeps you mesmerized on her gentle yet striking tone. It is as if she made every line she sang fade away just for you to take in and feel the vibe she was giving through the track.

The EP begins with the previously released song, “Colour My Heart”, its grasp into the album. It’s almost like a break-up song, but better. It starts off with minor chords of a piano, which already gives you a clue of what it’s about, but it is a little different from what you would expect. Her voice gives the perfect sweet raspy effect to the song. I felt I could connect with her through this track. As the backing track starts to progress, there is a quiet, haunting sound and as the song’s melody lingered, I realized that her voice was what I was hearing. That pretty much hit home for me. That was when I understood why they started with this song. It leaves you wanting more. And as it ended with an unsteady tune, I was thinking about how the man that did this to her feels about her big hit?

The next track, also previously released, “Hangover”, is my personal favorite in the EP. This track keeps you listening. The bass and guitar in this song are what makes it so unique. It makes it strange. It mixes modern indie pop with a bit of an 80’s keyboard sound which, surprisingly, sounds really cool when you put the two together. I honestly think the way they put this song together is brilliant.

The third track, “Cut The Rope”, I feel is the climax of the EP. It starts with bold chords of a piano. Her voice keeps a soft, delicate, yet powerful tone which leaves the message of the song feeling straightforward. The lyrics in the chorus, “do the right thing, cut the rope and let me fall” embodies the quote “If you love me, let me go”. It finishes off with the piano fading away leaving you to assimilate the song before it finally comes to an end.

The track “Stolen Car”, is the conclusion of the EP. This song is actually quite short but it shows off the intensity of her voice. This is the only song with major chords, which I thought was going to remain a sort of “happy” sound, but don’t be fooled by the piano this time, the 22 year old creates her own melody from her voice which establishes a fascinating sound that is extent throughout the whole song. This track was defiantly the finishing touch to make an extraordinary EP.

This EP was the best I’ve actually heard in a while. My body actually swayed and bounced to the beat of every song. Every track is different from the other and gives a different but similar kind of aura. I could only compare all of the tracks with one word; astonishing.

‘Colour My Heart’ EP will be released on November 25th but can be pre-ordered now.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

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