Music News: The Killers Release “Direct Hits”

The Killers have been around since I began developing my own sense of music; they are probably one of the most stable bands that I have grown up with. This 4 piece band recently released a ‘greatest hits’ album which included 2 new songs instead of releasing an entirely new album. However fantastic their music is, these guys are receiving some knocks at not releasing an entirely new album from some online columns which has left me wondering, “do they owe us (the fans) anything?” Sure we have bought their albums, we have paid for their tickets, and we have worn their merch; but does that entitle us to their new music? No, this band has a large plethora of music and they have earned the ability to release and write as they wish, sure it would be nice to hear more music from them, but honestly they don’t need the money. They are enjoying their success and writing as they see fit.

Their new song is below, you can buy their Direct Hits here.

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