Arum Rae Talks ‘Warranted Queen’

Arum Raephoto credit Dominic Neitz

We had the chance to ask Arum Rae about the tracks on her new EP ‘Warranted Queen’ and what the inspiration behind each track is. Read below for her thoughts and be sure to check out the album!

1. “2001”
I’ve always had this ideal to be this pearly-white perfect/innocent girl…Which, not that I’m some wild and destructive one, I’m also not the doctor’s daughter living next door. Trying to keep yourself together through heartbreak is hard and ridiculous. “2001” sheds the pressure, goes to the dark side…let’s it be.

2. “Warranted Queen”
I have gotten too familiar with goodbyes over the past couple of years. This was a light hearted way for me to acknowledge the send off. Putting a stamp on what we had, gave me the confidence to look to the future with something to hold rather than leave behind. He also happened to be in a band called Spoon so it was a fun reference to make!

3. “Something’s Happening To Me”
I felt myself changing. Bursting at the seams kind of change. And I just went on ahead and did it, changed.

4. “I’m Smoke”
A song for the ladies.

5. “Proof”
Professing undying love…the idea of weaving into each other. To be the rescuer, the ladder on a steep cliff. Being strong enough to be vulnerable.

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