Guest Playlist: Johnny Payne of The Shilohs

Marvin Gaye “Got to Give it Up”

I’ve been talking about this song a lot recently. Not because Alan Thicke’s son has made it into an anthem for dirty old men but because I’ve done the odd DJ set and it is the ultimate song to spin. Not only is it unavoidably danceable in any situation but it is also perfect to throw on and go have a smoke because it plays for the entire last side of the record. Badass

Tommy James “Draggin The Line”
A fire blazer of a track from my man Tommy. Mid tempo chug a lug rock and roll. Best bass line ever. Enough said.
Jackson Browne “Somebody’s Baby”
This is atop my turntable right now. It took me a while to find because it only appears on the “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” soundtrack. Amazingly, Jackson never released it on any LP or his greatest hits LP! Anyway, just a great pop song. Feel good jam.
Nat King Cole “Stardust”
I always listen to Stardust a few times when summer arrives. Early in the evening mostly. It is one of the all time great songs. If not THE all time great song. Hoagy Carmichael beautifully weaves love, music and the cosmos into one natural experience. One feeling. “Love is now the stardust of yesterday, the music of the year gone by”
Desmond Dekker and the Aces “Intensified”
I could have picked any song on Desmond’s “Israelites” album. Someone told me recently that Desmond Dekker is Ska not Reggae but whatever it is it’s one of the grooviest records I own. He is just the coolest. You can hear it in the songs and picture him looking cool and singing. Kind of how I picture David Byrne. I love that. Even in the 60s Desmond felt music going to shit…haha. “music like dirt for your money’s worth”

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