Death And The Penguin Talk ‘Accidents Happen’

DeathandthePenguinImage 1


The quartet that goes by the name Death And The Penguin took time out of their day to share with us a track by track explanation of their EP ‘Accidents Happen’. Check out the behind the EP below!

“Snuffed Out”

Our next single, this is a song for throwing yourself around a room to.

“Space 1998”

Big Bass is the best. Get high all the time. So high, in fact, that you’ll think you’ve gone simultaneously up into space and back in time to the late 90’s in some kind of shit remake of Alien where the cast is made up exclusively of Spice Girls. You’ll understand when you listen to the song.

“An Opening”

A moment for reflecting on all your failings as a human being.

Strange Times”

This is a song about that moment when you wake up feeling as if nothing quite makes sense, when you ask the question “has it always been like this?”. It seems to be a generational thing that there’s a big bunch of people who hit their mid-twenties and still have not got a clue of what we’re doing in our lives, when our parents had houses, spouses, and kids. This is about the nihilism of uncertainty.


This is a song inspired by the prison songs recorded by famous musicologist Alan Lomax. We wanted to create the same kind of feel, and create the same kind of place as those songs do. We pretty much hit everything we could find to get the right sound at the start. Firewood, chicken feeder, an antique fireplace, and even an actual drum were violently abused in the course of recording this song.

The Words that Maketh Murder”

We wanted to do a cover in our own way while keeping the essence of the song in tact. Also, PJ Harvey is awesome. This song is about the experience of war. The words are very visceral, but the way she performs it with an almost childlike-whimsy creates a strange distance. It’s as if her war is the experience we have talking of war in the extract; understanding its violence without apprehending the true horror of warfare. We’ve taken the song back to the trenches.


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