Alexandra Morte Leaves Whirr, Forms Camera Shy

“Lucky for you, Nick Bassett of Whirr and Nothing has teamed with Alexandra Morte, the former vocalist of Whirr, to form Camera Shy, who have decided to provide the perfect music for making out” Says the NOISEY blogger for VICE news.


This is something we can agree with. As a side project of Whirr, Camera Shy will definitely be receiving a lot of plays from us.

After Alexandra Morte left the band Whirr, she went and started the indie-pop project Camera Shy alongside Whirr bandmate Nick Bassett.

Recently, Camera Shy has released the single “Spin Me”.
A sedated but passionate song, it’s the best soundtrack to just about anything you do in life.
Listen to the song below!

Camera Shy is working on more music now, and is expected to release more later this year.

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