“Aloe Hills Are Blooming” by Islands


We all take value in the little things and it is most of what keeps us happy in life. Nothing really beats the feeling of a warm smile or a simple compliment . Whether it be something said or something done, it’s always appreciated.

This is somethings that the Indie band Islands certainly knew. Along with their album ‘Ski Masks’they have released a bonus track titled “Aloe Hills Are Blooming“. This track begins with a slight “Hallelujah” feeling and then goes into their own soft rock kind of sound. From then on, it continues on to where the guitar and drums hold the song and the singer follows. This band is definitely something you should consider trying out this week! This little track was meant to put a smile on your face so sit back and let this song make your day.

Islands will be going on tour with TEEN at the end of August and you can find their tour dates here.

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