A Dose of The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy_credit Mike De Leon

We all have that crave for new artists and music, and those artists have a crave for you to hear and feel what their all about. That’s why at Soft Concrete, we’re here to fill those craves for both the artist and the listener.

If you’re looking for a chilled out 70’s sound this week, I recommend a dose of The Pharmacy. This indie-rock band comes out of Seattle, Washington on Old Flame Records to reintroduce a few things we’ve missed from rock and mixing it with their own sound to give you head bopping tracks that will make you drift into the soundtrack.

Anna Bella,” a song from their upcoming album, ‘Spells’, captures a sample of their hazy acoustic sound that will leave you wanting more. If you’re into a Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ kind of sound, this will definitely be something worth checking out! Make sure you mark your calendars for their new album, ‘Spells’, to release on August 12th.

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