We Review La Cerca’s Wonderful New Album ‘Sunrise For Everyone’

 Overall Rating: ★★☆

Recently, we were sent a vinyl from our new friends at Fort Lowell Records. When I was told the band was from Tuscon, Arizona I honestly didn’t have high hopes at all. Although Tuscon is only a short two hour drive from where Soft Concrete is based, I still did not expect much. I have learned not to expect much from indie bands from my current home state. Sure we have Jimmy Eat World, and a small host of great local bands, but it isn’t much. Tuscon and Phoenix just aren’t on the same level as Seattle, LA, or New York City when it comes to music. So it’s very rare to find such a gem out here in the Sonora Desert.

There are far too many bands that do what La Cerca does. If I had to compare the band to others, it would have to be a cross between Andrew Bird, The Young Veins, and Pinback. Honestly a really diverse comparison here, but it’s what they sound like, while also being completely original.

You want an album review though, don’t you? Here are my highlights from the album:

The opening song on ‘Sunrise For Everyone’ is what I like to think a love letter to the state of Arizona. Now compared to some of the raucous and driving instrumentals found on the rest of the album, “Arizon” is a slower and chilled out song that begins with a very serene and polished guitar riff. Then comes in the even more gentle vocals from Andrew Gardner. The more he talks about “Arizon”, the more energetic and passionate the vocals get. This is one of the songs that reminds me of one of my favourite bands Pinback. Similar instrumental and vocal styles.

One of the main themes I personally saw in the album is regret. The regret in this song can definitely be felt with lyrics like “Why did I ever leave Arizon?”.
“Arizon” has to be my favorite song on the album, and it’s only the first one.

In the song “Climate Control”, it begins with another appropriately played guitar riff. This song is a lot faster paced and a little more upbeat than the last, and utterly divergent than the last. Starting in a slow vocal trickle of words, it quickly turns into a cascading declaration of “You’re gonna come alive, the sun will shine accordingly.” Which also bring us to another theme I noticed on the album which would be the Sun, which is pretty obvious. The album is called ‘Sunrise For Everyone’, and in the last track, La Cerca compares the blue skies in Arizona to the freezing temperatures in Germany.

As many times as I compared this album and band to other artists, do understand that La Cerca is their own unique band, and they own the hell out of their sound. These are just the first two tracks from the album, and they’re only the first two tips of the iceberg.

Now usually in an album review that would be the end of it, but seeing that Fort Lowell Records were so kind enough to send us a vinyl, I have to talk about the vinyl. I love buying records. Going to record stores and buying albums are one of my favourite things to drop all my money on. Unique covers and artwork are the best elements of vinyl records. La Cerca’s ‘Sunrise For Everyone’ is no different.

The cover takes a very minimalist approach. The band and album name is right there in front of you in black letters, and below that is an alternate colour photo of what to me looks like either a pre-bloom Saguaro flower, or Tulips. I’m not a flower person but it works perfectly.

On the inside is the lyric and acknowledgements sheet. On one side is another photo of a flower, in grey with the band name and album name again. The other side of the paper is the standard sheet of lyrics. The element that stood out to me the most is the actual vinyl itself. It’s the smallest thing, but I love it. Instead of saying “Side A” or “Side B”, it says “This Side” and “That Side” which I have never seen before. To me it’s the little things that make it so unique.


‘Sunrise For Everyone’ will be released on Fort Lowell Records on July 29th, 2014.
La Cerca 
has put a lot of time and work into this album and it definitely shows. Here is one of the songs I did not get to talk about that is also on the album:



Be sure to check them out on tour if they come anywhere near you!


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