Guest Playlist: villainettes

We got to talk to Villainettes and had them create a guest playlist for us of some of their favourite songs. Below are some notes on why they added some of the songs onto the playlist. At the bottom of the page you can find the full playlist made by them.


The Stone Roses – “I Wanna Be Adored”
This song was hands down the first song that unanimously came to mind for all Villainettes members. Firstly is a gem of a tune and although it does not speak in direct influence to the Villainettes sound it capitulates a sense of what Villainettes strive to in creating a new signature sound that resonates greatly through the listeners by drawing them in on a sonic journey that only seems like fleeting minutes but stays with you for weeks after first stumbling across it. The way the instrumentation intertwines with each other is something that stands out for me as I find this is starting to become a lost art. Remi & Mani’s unforgiving groove allows so much freedom for the others to add the characteristic colour that defined what was in our the greatest debut record ever released. If only they could have kept the cocaine at bay for the second record!

Duran Duran – “Girls On Film”
There is something in this song I have never been able to quiet put my hand on but it’s always reminded me of Villainettes. I guess I was listening to a lot of Duran Duran during the writing period of songs such as Diamonds and Death notice and there has always been this naturally occurring dark, eroticism in our tunes and this track definitely broods of that dark, sexual pop tune.

Death From Above 1979 – “Black History Month”
A personal favourite and a must have on here on Mixo’s behalf. It’s a killer party tune and brilliant song. Disco Punk, if anyone had told me that gender was going to be good before heading this band I would have questioned their mental health. High energy and unconventional use of instrumentation is something I think Villainettes have. Trying to make conventional instruments do new things is one of the only freedoms to have writing music now days, 60’s years since The Beatles unfortunately most things have been done with the conventional use of instruments

Suuns – “2020”
This HAS to be one of the most bend fucking tunes anyone has ever written. While recording our EP with Paul ‘Woody’ Annison I remember listening to this track after maybe a bit too much Bez Zings with the subs hammering through the monitors feeling like I was in some nightclub in the Ukraine after too much Absinthe and K. Not sure I’d want to know what these guys do to create music like this.

No Joy – “Here Tarot Lies”
Two beautiful women playing blissful traditional shoegaze… doesn’t get much better than that! Those shoegaze elements of songs are highly resonate in our early recordings with songs such as Oceans, Dreamers and Dark Clouds. I guess this choice is more a tribute to shoegaze through a rad song not by My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive.

(Francis White)
Erik Satie – “Gnossienne No. 1”
It’s dark, romantic and full of emotion – the same ingredients for Villainettes. It’s also a perfect example of the notes one doesn’t play, whilst being technical and creative. That’s how I hope I play drums – the twists and the captivating beats can be found in the ghost notes and off-centred accents. This movement of the early twentieth century truly inspires me in many ways – you’d be surprised.

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