A New Way to Listen to Music: Tradiio


There are several websites and apps that allow you to stream music from the likes of chart-topping to underground artists, but did you ever think that you’d be the one deciding which tracks would be the ones making it to the top? Thanks to Tradiio, with just a click of a button, now you can.

Tradiio creates a different kind of music listening experience. It allows listeners to invest in tracks that they like, the more investors and coins a track has, the more it rises on the charts. Just picture what Wall Street would look like with musicians instead of companies.

Tradiio‘s unique listening experience makes it all about the music and allows you, as a listener, to help artists book festival gigs, land record deals and even get radio play.

Just this summer, a few of Tradiio‘s chart-topping artists made their way to London to perform on the Tradiio stage at Field Day. They didn’t just stop there though, no, they let listeners purchase tickets with coins at the Tradiio Market to sold out weekends of Field Day.

We’ve tested out Tradiio and love it, so head on over to their site, sign up, and join in on the fun!

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