How Airbnb Is Changing The Way You View Holidays 

The amount of listings on Airbnb are endless, one could spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen clicking away at the copious amounts of unique, breathtaking homes that are out there. As a lover of all things travel and a user of Airbnb, I’m guilty to admit that I’ve done exactly this.

The thing about Airbnb is that it’s changed the way people book their trips. More and more people are starting to consider Airbnb when planning a trip, rather than staying at a hotel. The reason? One is slightly more cost effective than the other. Yes, of course, you can find a hotel that’s $35 per night but the quality and location of the place may not be ideal.

However, it’s not just the cost that puts Airbnb on the map; it is the fact that one can easily find whatever it is that they’re looking for. You want to stay in a room of a castle? Sure thing, you got it! Better yet, you want to have the entire castle to just you and your family, friends, or significant other? That’s fine too! Maybe castles aren’t your thing but oh, look! There’s a cottage that looks like it just stepped out of a fairytale.

With the thousands of unique listings found on Airbnb, it allows people to visit cities, towns, or villages they would never plan on visiting before, all due to these extravagant homes mentioned prior.

Now get booking and enjoy one heck of a holiday. It will be an experience like never before.

While you’re at it, check out some of the listings that we’ll for sure be adding to our wish list in the gallery below!

All pictures made available courtesy of Airbnb.

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