Say Hello To ‘Leah’s Beauty Column’


Hello readers!

My name is Leah, and I have worked in and alongside beauticians, estheticians, and clients with different skin types for years at various jobs. I currently work at a day and medical spa and decided that I want to start producing a column that I would have read when I was searching article after conflicting article about different chemicals, products, and treatments regarding skin, beauty, and health; along with recipes that are all natural.

My goal with these posts is to go beyond a typical beauty column and give honest (and probably embarrassing) testimonials on products and treatments that I try, and to eventually go beyond such by taking your requests and suggesting a multitude of products depending on your skin type, your price range, or really any other challenge you can face me with!

I will begin with basics that took my skin from an awful, unhealthy mess to where I am now (fairly clear, with the occasional breakout).

If you want to send me an email, feel free to send it to

I look forward to hearing from you!

xx Leah

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