Album Review: ‘Watercolor Overcast’ by The Letter Yellow


Picture yourself crossing state borders in a station wagon with your lover by your side; cruising along the coast and passing through deserts. A life full of pale watercolor sunsets, pit stops, and wind in your hair. The end destination of this adventure? None other than “the city that never sleeps”, “the Big Apple”, New York City.

The Brooklyn based band, The Letter Yellow’s diverse sound and late 60s psychedelic feel gives you the perfect soundtrack to this adventure, ‘Watercolor Overcast’, the follow up to the soulful record ‘Walking Down The Streets’. We managed to get our hands on this record in its beautiful vinyl form and let the turntable spin as the room was enveloped in raw, blissful music.

‘Watercolor Overcast’ opens up with the cool, psychedelic track “Anytime Of Day”, a tune that has a steady tempo with a soaring instrumental packed chorus. Almost like the beginning credits of a film or in this case the first few hours on the road, it entices you, lures you in to the unexpected with open arms.

As the record progresses, the sounds shift from simple, dreamy melodies (“Road To The Mountain”, “Summer In The City”) to afrobeat infused tracks (“Pain In the World”) to everything in between. The assortment of the tracks makes it to be one fun, unpredictable album; kind of like the endless trip that you’ve found yourself on.

The fact that this album was recorded and produced without ever meeting a computer is extraordinary and causes you to greatly admire and appreciate ‘Watercolor Overcast’ and The Letter Yellow. They went off with hopes to produce their sophomore album on vinyl and came back with a record that is nearly perfect, and one that surely anyone can enjoy.

You can now stream ‘Watercolor Overcast’ on their Bandcamp as well as purchase it on vinyl form to get the overall experience here.

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

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