The Barr Brothers Unveil ‘Red Moth Solar Companion’, A Two-Track Release

The Barr Brothers_Brigitte Henry_September2018_01_color_medres

Photo by Brigitte Henry, Words by Melisa Baykent

The Barr Brothers’ two b-sides from the critically acclaimed ‘Queens of the Breakers’ are finally available to the public so our ears can be graced with their enchanting sound. 

“Red Moth Solar Companion” and “Saint Cecilia”, the two b-sides from ‘Queens of the Breakers’ were written and recorded by Brad Barr, Andrew Barr and Sarah Pagé during the taping sessions for the critically acclaimed album at Wild Studios in St-Zénon and Professional Awesome Studios in Montreal.

“Red Moth Solar Companion” is a 4 minute long instrumental beauty that you wish was longer. In fact, as stated by Brad Barr, it is “a live, instrumental, off-the-floor improvisation that musically describes a patient journey through the heart of a star”. Whereas, Barr describes “Saint Cecilia” as having “hints of ‘Blonde on Blonde'” and being “the pantomime of an experienced but misguided wayfarer who is fixated on the promise of redemption through Saint Cecilia, the patroness of musicians”.

These two b-sides are The Barr Brothers’ most recent releases since their 2017 album ‘Queens of the Breakers’ and we hope that there will be more music on the way!

Check out “Red Moth Solar Companion” and “Saint Cecilia” below:


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