Lo-Fi Beatmaker Mounika Releases “Tender Love” Featuring Ocie Elliot


Image by Romain Vayssettes, Words by Melisa Baykent

“Tender Love” is a perfect combination of lo-fi meets acoustic and will surely put a smile on anyone’s face. It is the perfect feel good song. 

Mounika is the name of the French lo-fi beatmaker that produces delicate, sensitive, and melancholic beats and melodies. His latest track “Tender Love” is no exception to that style. The perfect combination of Ocie Elliot’s tender vocals with lo-fi beats and beaming acoustic guitars makes the track one that you can easily listen to on repeat.

Having amassed 70+ million plays worldwide organically, it is clear that Mounika does not need a promotion team behind him, because his music does all the talking. His latest single “Intro (I’m Sorry)” was even featured in over 3k Spotify playlists (Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Your Daily Mix).

“Tender Love” is the second single off upcoming sophomore album ‘I Need Space’ which is a 9-track album full of distinct lo-fi beats that any fan of the genre would love.

Check out the video for “Tender Love” below!


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