INNR CIRCLE Releases New Track “SOS”

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 3.36.58 PM

“SOS” is a beautifully produced funky pop track that is bound to appear on everyone’s playlists. 

INNR CIRCLE is a rising alt-R&B solo artist of Panamanian and Canadian descent, residing in Toronto, Ontario. With a strikingly strong vocal register and scalability, he is able to evoke common indescribable emotions everyone feels in an articulate and dynamic manner.

The talented indie artist delivers us silky vocals and funky beats with his latest infectious track “SOS”. It’s a perfect concoction of 70s/80s funk, summer vibes, and alternative pop and its release is perfectly timed, with summer slowly coming to an end for our friends up in the Northern Hemisphere and things starting to heat up down here in the South.

Check out INNR CIRCLE’s track “SOS” below and do us all a favour and add it to your quarantine playlists!


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