Introducing Casey Jack’s Garage Rock Sound

Alex Crowder 2

At Soft Concrete our goal is to introduce the new guys. We could write a million and one articles about the same bands and artists you hear about every day, so we like to shake it up and introduce you to some you may not have heard of, who have the same amount of talent if not more.

In keeping up with this, we introduce to you the wild and guitar heavy Casey Jack.
The garage-rock musician comes out of Springfield, Missouri and has something great to share with you.

We got a hold of Casey’s debut self-titled album which is slated for release on August 26th of this year. If you’re into the likes of the Japandroids or Ty Segall, you’ll love Casey Jack. He’s got his own melodic twist on the garage-rock sound.
Hear this sound for yourself here! Have a listen to the single “Not In Love With The Modern World” from the upcoming release below!

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