Westerman Drops New Song “The Line”


Photo by Bex Day, Words by Melisa Baykent

“The Line” is the perfect song for what many people in today’s society grapple with: what is and what is not acceptable as the parameters of ‘what is’ constantly keep changing. 

Hailing from London, Westerman brings us the gentle and complex song “The Line” from his forthcoming album ‘Your Hero Is Not Dead’. From the electric drum beats to the almost ethereal like chorus, Westerman sure knows how to deliver a non-conventional, conventional pop song. It contains all the ingredients for a traditional pop song but manages to arrange these ingredients in a way that results in something simply unique.

“The Line”, along with the rest of the upcoming album, were recorded alongside close friend and producer Nathan Jenkins (Sampha, David Byrne, Paul Epworth) and is just one song out of many that deal with morality and the constant battle within ourselves.

Watch the new video for “The Line” below:

Pre-order/save ‘Your Hero Is Not Dead’ here.


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