Jessy Yasmeen Just Wants to Dream


Having had a year of success back in 2019, Jessy Yasmeen brings us her latest gem “Dreams”. 

“Dreams” is Jessy Yasmeen’s latest single from her upcoming EP. She describes the track as it being about “someone who has a yearning desire, and from uncertainties that it entails she dares to walk the path, but in fact all she wants is to dream”.

Over the past three years, the dreamy indie folk singer has played more than 80 shows in the Netherlands and Germany, released an EP, won the singer-songwriter category at the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam 2019 awards, and was nominated in two different categories at the Rotterdam Music Awards in 2019.

Yasmeen does not seem to be slowing down though. Besides the release of her latest single “Dreams” it is expected that she will be releasing a visual EP in the coming months and participating in the semi-finals of the Grote Prijs van Nederland 2020.

Give the latest single “Dreams” a listen to below!


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